Surfing Rodents

Surfing Rodents

Eat your heart out Stuart Little: Radical rodents become the world’s first surfing mice (on their own tiny boards)

Being able to stand up on a surfboard is a feat to be proud of – especially if you happen to be a mouse.

These are the incredible surfing mice, who are conquering the ocean on custom-built, tiny surfboards.

Eight-month-old males Rocket, Peanut, Skidmark and Banzai have learned all the skills they need to maneuvre breakers on the beach.

It’s all down to boat builder Shane Wilmott, 39, who spotted their talent.

He hand crafts miniature mouse-sized replicas of real surf boards and teaches his amazing troupe how to master them.

They are even able to turn on the boards while traveling by shifting their weight.

Radical rodent: Skidmark the mouse rides a wave on his custom-made mouse surf board at Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia this year
Wipe out! One of the mice loses control of his board – but trainer Shane Wilmott claimed there was nothing to fear, as mice can swim
Steady: The mice do need a bit of help getting started on each wave from trainer Shane Wilmott, above, being unable to paddle with their tiny paws
Crowds often gather in amazement to watch the tiny surfers do their thing.

‘People can’t believe it,’ Mr Wilmott said.

‘They see the tiny boards but they don’t realise there are real mice actually riding the waves until they come over for a look. It really makes people smile.’

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